Paul Gerhard John Cienciala
Experience 20 years in General & Project Management, handling projects up to US$ 6.5 million.

15 years Senior and Board level Business Management & Consulting.

10 years of Internet Marketing and Promotion.
Management Skills Planning, Logistics, Supply Chain & Change Management. Full Life-cycle Project Management, Contract Negotiation.
Complementary Skills German and spoken Arabic.
Internet Skills
(Marketing & Promotion)
Internet Marketing Strategy Analyst, Search Engine Positioning Consultant, Google Adwords Management, Niche Product Web-site Promotion, Internet platform Marketing.
Internet Skills
Working knowledge of the Domain Name System (DNS).
HTML, CSS and Javascript authoring, primarily by hand coding.
Webmaster and Apache Web Server operations.
IT Platforms & Software Linux, MS DOS, Windows 95, 98 & 2000. Fully conversant with MS Office applications. Proficient in HTML authoring and graphics editing systems: Authoring; Macromedia Homesite & Dreamweaver. Graphics; Jasc PaintShop Pro & Macromedia Fireworks.
ICTA - International Christian Technologists' Association
TCA - The Telework Association (Founder Member)
HTML Writers Guild
IWA - International Webmasters Association
Professional History
I have shown, by completed projects and sustained business growth, that I can provide a valuable contribution to an organisations growth by applying my depth of experience at all levels of management, ability to approach problems from multiple angles, thorough practical grounding in the application of IT systems and excellent interpersonnel skills.

I have proven motivational, organisational and social skills while I approach challenges in a practical yet original manner. I am a confident public speaker and work well in a multicultural environment.
Voluntary work undertaken while unemployed.
October 2003 - Present
Chester Road
Ilford, Essex.
United Kingdom
To keep my skills focussed while seeking permanent employment, I have assisted a number of Charities and businesses on a voluntary basis, advising on business, marketing, IT and web strategies. Projects have included the implementation of both websites and blogs for a number of organisations and Christian Ministries. Included among these was the production of a début album for an up-and-coming Christian Worship Leader along with cover design, website, blog, MySpace and Facebook marketing as well as online music distribution. To keep my skills focussed while seeking permanent employment, I have assisted a number of Charities and businesses on a voluntary basis, advising on business, marketing, IT and web strategies. Projects have included the implementation of both websites and blogs for a Church, and a number of friends businesses and Christian Ministries as well as the design and production of a début album for an up and coming Christian Worship Leader along with website and online music distribution.
'Work Based Learning Hub' Manager ~ London School of Professional Studies Ltd.
July 2003 - September 2003
Lanrick House
Lanrick Road, London E14
United Kingdom
Contracted to launch a new government initiative in East London for Work Based Learning in Business. I created the initial proposal in conjunction with the MD, then led a team to establish and develop (including premises, staffing, budget and corporate website) the Hub. This was successfully presented to the Learning+Skills Council, Newham College for Further Education and local business at a launch event in September '99. Lack of adequate further funding put the project on hold, thus making my participation redundant.
April 2002 - June 2003
25 Colenso Road
Ilford, Essex
United Kingdom
Following the bankruptcy I made the most of the opportunity to spend time giving back to my family that which I was not able to give during the last year of CdotC's operations. This was especially beneficial as our newborn daughter was born with a rare medical condition and was under the ongoing care of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Founder ~ CdotC Technologies.
April 1999 - March 2002
25 Colenso Road
Ilford, Essex
United Kingdom
Formed to provide value added Internet Services by capitalising on the experience gained since 1996 as voluntary Webmaster & Internet Consultant to various Christian Ministries. Designed and coded a number of promotional, corporate and e-commerce websites. Established a hosting network based in London’s Telehouse, with over 400 domains hosted using our own DNS and web-servers. The business suffered fatally when a technology migration to a Third Generation Hosting Platform Major was discovered to have major operational issues caused a financial penalty on the company that resulted in bankruptcy in March 2002.
Operations Manager ~ Sabre General Trading & Cont. Est.
December 1995 - July 1998
P.O. Box 1160 Safat
13016 Kuwait
Increased annual turnover to US$ 7.7 million (from US$ 200,000) within two years, by seeking out complimentary areas of opportunity, identifying products and relevant suppliers / contractors, winning business in those areas and then achieving sustained growth through repeat contracts. As the Main Contractor's representative for the Ministry of Interior's US$ 6.5 million “Al Shaheed” patrol vessel contract, I was responsible for liaising between the client at all levels from Operations and Technical Officer ranks up to Ministry Undersecretary and the project primary sub-contractor and builder. The success of this project and the systems established led to a repeat contract for a second vessel from the same Ministry.
Acting General Manager ~ The Book House Co. Ltd.
February 1994 - March 1995
P.O. Box 2820 Safat
13092 Kuwait
Contracted to bring a dormant company to operational status for hand-over to a General Manager specialised in bookshop operations. Tasked to research the current market, identify potential areas of operation and complimentary suppliers for those areas, and then develop in conjunction with the Directors a three-year Business and Operations Plan based around these results. Additional work was completed in finalising supply contracts for new products, obtaining the multitude of Government permits for commercial operations and designing a flexible IT administration system.
Director of Group Operations ~ Jassim Khalid Al Marzouk Group
January 1992 - November 1993
P.O. Box 21256 Safat
13073 Kuwait
The growth at Smile Computers led to my working directly with the Groups' President, Mr. Mohammed Jassim Al Marzouk, as both Director of Group Operations and also Consultant to his other varied business activities. Two specific projects were handled in great depth until major differences in long-term approach led to the relationship to end in late 1993.
Managing Director ~ The British Press
In 1992 established the first commercial printing press in Kuwait to have a totally digital pre-press unit. Guiding the company from my own original concept to full commercial production was a considerable challenge. Tasks handled included production of the initial Business Plan, financial and organisational planning, market research, factory layout, specifying and purchasing all equipment and hiring of staff at all levels.
Consultant ~ Al Marzouk Automotive
Expanded the Group by securing the Saab Automobiles distributorship for Kuwait. From proposal to arrival of the first vehicles in Kuwait took less than one year. Responsible for the research and preparation of a five year Business Plan, including preparation of presentation materials, then the staged pitching for the distributorship. Once achieved, I headed the team negotiating the terms and content of the distribution agreement as well as further discussions on marketing support with both Saab and General Motors EMEA management.
Operations Manager ~ Smile E. A. & Computers Ltd.
August 1991 - January 1992
P.O. Box 27461 Safat
13135 Kuwait
Contracted to assist the company’s re-establishment after the Gulf War, working alongside the General Manager my role was to identify potential new products, support agency & contract negotiations, develop the marketing and sales to government bodies and redevelop the general technical support team.
As part of a team of volunteers sponsored by the British Embassy and sent by Hostages of the Middle East (an organisation set up to help those held in Kuwait and Iraq during the Occupation) I returned to Kuwait in early April 1991 while the country was still under Martial Law. Tasked with salvaging personal effects of HOME members in the aftermath of liberation this proved to be both a harrowing and rewarding experience.
Partner ~ Management Consultancy Services UK.
September 1990 - January 1992
Ilford, Essex
United Kingdom
In India hiring programming staff when Kuwait was invaded, I returned to the UK and used the IT and project management skills developed to establish myself as an Independent Consultant. Provided a comprehensive Management & Information Technology Consulting service to manufacturing and service industry companies. Contracts ran in the UK until March 1991.
Operations Manager ~ Kuwait Repro Centre
January 1987 - August 1990
P.O. Box 4056 Safat
13041 Kuwait
Established by my father as a quality Reprographic and Business Services Company at the end of 1986 my leaving Index to join with him was a natural move. Developed the company to offering DTP services in 1988 and further expanded the operation by creating a Software Solutions division supplying in-house coded bespoke multi platform software. The Iraqi Occupation of Kuwait brought this to a rapid halt and little survived the Gulf War.
Office Supervisor ~ Index General Trading & Contracting Co. w.l.l.
August 1984 - January 1987
Kuwait City
Dealing primarily in Construction Supervision and Claims, the basic project management skills acquired on construction sites were refined. The position involved working with different nationalities and ability levels. I saw the development of the 80x86 processor into a realistic business platform and became proficient in MS DOS systems.
Site Foreman ~ National Piling Company. w.l.l.
July 1981 - August 1984
Rapidly progressed from a labourer to Rig Operator (foundation drilling) to Assistant and then Site Foreman. Responsible for the mobilisation and completion of piling works, general site administration and work planning as well as Ministry, Consultant and Main Contractor liaison, on two major ($15+ million) projects. Here my interest in IT (starting off with an Apple IIe) and project management were awakened and my organisational and communication skills started to develop.
Personal Objectives
To increase my depth of management expertise while keeping abreast of the rapid changes in technology and being able to contribute to the applications it can have in day-to-day life.

To provide people the opportunity to learn to work closer with each other, through a common understanding of the challenges at hand.
Personal Details
Born 18th June 1963 ~ Beckenham, UK
Education GCSE 'O' Levels:
   Sir Roger Manwood School for Boys
   Ilford County High School for Boys
Nationality British Citizen
Married with four children
Interests Pyrotechnics, photography, travel.
Address 183 Chester Road, Ilford, Essex, IG3 8PY
United Kingdom
Within the UK: 070 1422 8750
Worldwide: +44 70 1422 8750
E-mail       email me for my PGP Public Key
CRB Disclosure
Holder of CRB Enhanced Disclosure Certificate issued 13th March 2007
References available on request
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