Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup - What World Cup?

For 30 days much of the planet will be glued to radios and TV’s as a festival of football unites diverse people from Angola to Australia and from Sweden to Saudi Arabia.

But how do you choose who to cheer for when your own team isn’t playing (or if they didn’t qualify)? What about the coolest flag design (probably Brazil)? Maybe the best holiday destination or food (got to be Italy)

Who Should I Cheer For banner

Many people will cheer for the underdog - Togo has never qualified before - or because the team contain players from their club team. Or perhaps you go for more political criteria, perhaps by not supporting countries involved in the war in Iraq or with a bad human rights record?

How about supporting the team that gives the most aid to poor countries? Perhaps cheering on the country that spends the most on healthcare? Or booing the country that spends the most on weapons?

It's food for thought .....


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