Friday, March 17, 2006

Yet another Labour stealth tax? A Bed Tax!!

Saw this is the latest Travelodge promo email and, while it does help create a level of publicity for themselves, I am more than happy to support the cause:

Lie down and be counted - say 'NO' to Bed Tax!

A 'Bed Tax' that could raise the cost of your UK break by up to £100 per family, is being proposed as part of a Government tax review. This 10% tax (per night) added to the current 17.5% VAT means that this country would be the highest taxed holiday destination in Europe. Travelodge is campaigning to bring prices down and believes that this latest tax is yet another blow for all UK holiday makers.

Please join us in voicing opposition to this latest stealth tax by emailing us at Start your message 'notobedtax' and include your full name. Tell your friends - lie down and be counted - say NO to bed tax!


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