Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Changing Lives Cards

A new endeavour that I have come in contact with (and am now really happy to help out with on a technical level) that actually makes a difference in this world on an individual level is Changing Lives Cards.

If you were to look upon them as a Hand-made Greeting Card manufacturer they would be exemplary. The quality of the cards is absolutely superb (my print background gives me the right to judge in that way I believe), the price is amazingly low for the product, but that 100% of all profits goes to the individuals whose lives are helped makes this stand out from the crowd by a long shot.

My recommendation: If you live in London and would like to help this project, get in touch with them today. They can organise a coffee afternoon / evening with you and your friends and together you can make a difference.

Buy a card - change a life!


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